Positive Breast Feeding

Positive Breast Feeding – MP3 package

includes 3 audio download hypnobirthing sessions

MP3 Downloads included:

1. Easier Breastfeeding
2. Recharge your Batteries
3. Stress Release on a Lake

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1. Recharge your Batteries
MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session

This wonderful visualisation is for EVERYONE who would like to feel better, calmer, more positive and amazingly confident in every way. It has been recorded without any specific reference to pregnancy or birth and therefore suitable for everybody.

Listening to this download will increase your confidence for pregnancy and birth but also in many other areas of life, both at work and at home. It can be played whenever you relax, especially when you go to sleep at night. The more you listen, the deeper and more quickly you will achieve a deep relaxation where positive suggestions will be easily accepted, allowing you to feel better from deep within. You will notice changes, both obvious and subtle, in your attitude, in how you interact with others, in how you deal with situations and in your health.

Track Length: 25.48 minutes
Language: English, female
Music: Ananya Sivyer

2. Easier Breastfeeding
MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session

Breastfeeding your baby is so healthy and is such an excellent start to ensuring that he or she builds a good immune system.

Stress however can effect your milk production and therefore your mind could affect how well your body works , contributing towards breastfeeding problems.

Our Breastfeeding self hypnosis download will encourage your natural flow of milk, whether to feed your baby directly from the breast or to express milk using a breast pump such as a Medela Breast Pump.

If you are suffering from cracked or sore nipples it is important to seek medical advice from GPs or your midwife to avoid the development of mastitis.

Both you and your baby can benefit from the advantages of breastfeeding by downloading BreasfFeeding now to enjoy feeding your baby…

Track Length: 15.31 minutes
Language: English, female
Music: Phil Curran – Mews Productions

3. Stress Release on a Lake
MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session

Feeling relaxed and calm are great emotions to have during your pregnancy and also help to build confidence for a natural birth.Release stress now by sailing on a lake and allow yourself to be transported to a wonderfully safe, secure and serene environment where you can relax completely, away from everyday stresses and strains.

Listening to our very effective and wonderfully relaxing ‘Stress Release – On A Lake – Download’ gives you the opportunity to let go of any tensions, doubts, worries or fear of childbirth and at the same time trigger your natural relaxation response, causing wonderful waves of endorphins and feelings of calm to wash through your mind and body.

Download ‘Stress Release – On A Lake ’ now and give your mind and body the peace and relaxation it deserves.

Track Length: 15.04 minutes
Language: English, female
Music: Phil Curran – Mews Productions

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