Online Hypnobirthing Course

Easy, step-by-step Online Hypnobirthing Course

As recommended by midwives and healthprofessionals

Price: £ 59.99 now only £ 39.99 

We’re very excited to offer you an online hypnobirthing course which we’re sure you’ll love!

It’s affordable, accessible and easy to use. The combination of video and audio downloads delivers a highly effective birth preparation programme that can be followed wherever, whenever best suits you.

We’ve created this antenatal online class after so many requests to share our knowledge and our experience with you, to offer more than just audio downloads. As you’re based all over the world it’s hard to come and teach you personally (much as we’d love to) so this is the next best thing.

This course won’t replace face-to-face antenatal classes but perhaps you don’t have access to childbirth preparation classes or have chosen not to attend any. Online hypnobirthing is the perfect alternative to prepare for a positive birth experience in the comfort of your own home.

The course can be used on its own, or as support to natural childbirth classes. The bonus is that you can watch and listen as often as you please.

Wherever you plan to give birth, in hospital, in a birth centre or a homebirth, you’ll find the practical tips and explanations invaluable. The hypnobirthing MP3 downloads are effective however your baby arrives and are the ideal support for a water birth.


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£ 39.99/
Your online mini course includes
9 hypnobirthing MP3 downloads
+ FREE 8 VIDEO tutorials
+ FREE 2 bonus tracks
+ FREE E-Book
all available to you immediately when you purchase

9 hypnobirthing downloads


1. Breathing for contractions
2. Stress Release
3. Visualise your Hypnobirth
4. Hypnobirth Affirmations
5. Pain Relief for Labour
6. Quicker Recovery
7. Easier Breastfeeding
8. Confident Parenting
9. Partners Support

Your 9 hypnosis MP3 downloads (downloadable Hypnobirthing MP3 audios)

8 video tutorials


8 video tutorials packed with information, useful tips and exercises

what you will learn (video explanation sessions)

session 1 How to have an easier birth
session 2 How fear affects birth
session 3 How to feel in control of contractions
session 4 How the mind works
session 5 The day of your birth
session 6 How partners can help
session 7 Extra relaxation techniques
session 8 How to use your ‘tools’ on the day

Course E-Book

over 40 pages


E-book to summarise the information and helpful resources for a better birth….Plus of course room to make notes whilst you are learning….

online hypnobirthing course

2 Bonus Downloads


Feel amazing after listening to Recharge your Batteries. You can use it during and after pregnancy and even your partner could benefit from switching off and be bathed in love, health and happiness…. Fear Release: Allow your deepest fears to be absorbed, so you can feel confident and calm for the birth of your baby….

Your 2 Bonus Tracks

don’t hesitate, buy your own hypnobirthing online course now!

Price: £ 59.99 now only £ 39.99

We want to make this accessible to as many women as possible so we’re keeping the price LOW by offering the videos, 2 bonus tracks and fact sheets FREE. Please help others to have a positive birth by telling them about our products.

The above downloadable self hypnosis audio sessions are packed full of specific techniques, suggestions, visualisations, hypnotherapy tools and affirmations. They are specifically designed to help you have a better birth, feel mentally prepared, feel in control and recover quicker. All these hypnosis sessions will be available to you immediately after signing up for this course.