Hypnobirthing Starter Package

Hypnobirthing Starter Package – MP3 package

includes 3 audio download hypnobirthing sessions

MP3 Downloads included:

1. Stress Release
2. Hypnobirthing Affirmations
3. Visualise your hypnobirth

Price: £23.99 now only £ 15.98(appr $ 23.99)

1. Stress Release
MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session

Feeling relaxed and calm are great emotions to have during your pregnancy and also help to build confidence for a natural birth.Release stress now by sailing on a lake and allow yourself to be transported to a wonderfully safe, secure and serene environment where you can relax completely, away from everyday stresses and strains.

Listening to our very effective and wonderfully relaxing ‘Stress Release – On A Lake – Download’ gives you the opportunity to let go of any tensions, doubts, worries or fear of childbirth and at the same time trigger your natural relaxation response, causing wonderful waves of endorphins and feelings of calm to wash through your mind and body.

Track Length: 15.04 minutesLanguage: English, femaleMusic: Phil Curran – Mews Productions

2. Hypnobirthing Affirmations
MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session

This beautiful collection of phrases will introduce or strengthen a positive expectation of birth and make your pregnancy more enjoyable.By listening to the phrases regularly and focussing on positive thoughts, negatives will be kept out and gradually eliminated.These affirmations for birth will increase confidence and trust in your body’s natural ability to give birth easily and will support a natural birth, home birth, water birth, hospital birth, hypnobirth … all births! Use this recording to train your mind for maximum positivity during your pregnancy and birth.

Track Length: 24.02 minutesLanguage: English, femaleMusic: Phil Curran – Mews Productions

3. Visualise your hypnobirth
MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session

This wonderfully relaxing exercise can be used during your pregnancy (from 33 weeks onwards) and also during your birth and includes:
* guided imagery for a natural and safe birth
* building confidence in your body and your baby
* relaxation to release endorphins (your body’s natural pain relief)
* a deep sense of effective breathing in time with your contractions
* connecting with your baby during the birth

There is no guarantee that childbirth will go exactly to plan, but this exercise can give you the best chance of a comfortable, natural and easier birth.Download ‘Visualise your perfect birth’ now, listen to it as frequently as possible and start looking forward to the day your baby enters your world.

Track Length: 19.46 minutesLanguage: English, femaleMusic: Ananga Sivyer

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