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We specialise in hypnobirthing with our popular online course and highly effective mp3 downloads – professionally created, guided visualisations to prepare for a calm and positive birth.

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What is Hypnobirthing

We have a wide range of hypnobirthing downloads for pain relief in labour, to feel in control, to induce your labour naturally, to overcome fear of birth and many more. You can find them all on our hypnobirthing MP3s page.

Hypnobirthing is the use of hypnosis, breathing and relaxation techniques to prepare and enable a mother to have a positive, much easier birth, quite possibly even a birth without pain. Achieving a deep level of relaxation is vital for the body to release the baby quickly, comfortably and safely and mothers can train their mind and body to relax to the optimum level by listening to their hypnobirthing mp3 downloads or hypnobirthing cd regularly.

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The result is shorter labour, fewer complications, less or no need for chemical painkillers and, of course, relaxed babies and mothers. Mothers find out how to tune into their natural birthing instincts and partners learn how to play an integral role. Parents feel excited and confident about their birth, armed with techniques that allow them to take control of the birth of their baby, instead of allowing fear and lack of knowledge to influence the event. Hypno birthing techniques allow a mother to gently release her baby into the world, giving her baby the best start in life.

When a woman is properly prepared for childbirth and when mind and body are in harmony, nature is free to function in the same well-designed manner as it does with all other creatures. Fear will get in the way, creating tension which can cause pain. Fear will also cause the body to keep the baby inside until the perceived ‘danger’ has passed. In a hypnotic trance or deep relaxation fear is released and the body will feel it’s safe to bring the baby out into the world. The powerful hypnobirthing techniques enable a birthing mother to achieve a hypnotic trance in which she can relax and visualise her perfect birth experience. Check this hypnobirthing video to see for yourself how amazing hypnobirthing can be.


What is hypnosis?

We’re all hypnotised several times a day, when dropping off to sleep, when daydreaming, when engrossed in a film or when driving 10 miles without knowing how we got there! It is completely safe and natural and in this deeply relaxed state the subconscious mind can be accessed directly. As the subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between fact and fiction positive suggestions can be made and taken on by the client, fears can be released easily and future events, such as an easy birth, can be imagined and experienced as though they were reality. This is what occurs when listening to hypnobirthing mp3 downloads (or a hypnobirthing cd) specifically designed to create a positive birth experience in a mothers mind.

Visualisation is very powerful to mentally experience a desired physical outcome and this is extremely effective for childbirth, allowing the mother to imagine her body, uterus and birth path (vagina) opening up very easily, with her baby moving down and out safely, comfortably and quickly. Even if intervention is needed, positive visualisation and expectation will make birth much easier and calmer. Repeatedly watching the videos and listening to the recordings reinforces the information and positive suggestion – this is particularly powerful if the recordings are played when drifting off to sleep, a major benefit of a home study

Hypnobirthing online offers couples the option of learning these powerful techniques in the comfort of their own home, in their own time which is a real bonus. It means hypnobirthing can now really become a household term, allowing so many more women and couples to achieve the birth of their dreams. The free hypnobirthing mp3 download on the homepage offers an excellent introduction to the style, voice and music used in the online course materials.

Parents, midwives and doctors are constantly amazed by the wonderfully easy births experienced with hypnobirthing techniques. If help should be required then the hypnobirthing techniques will still allow birth to be a calm and very positive experience. Many mothers describe their labour as painfree, others find the techniques invaluable to feel calm and in control during the birth. The skills are lifeskills that are also very useful in other areas of life.

Lovely Quotes

“As a midwife I cannot recommend your audio downloads highly enough.  It’s wonderful to see  women take control of their birth and be so calm during labour when listening to these tracks.”

Sofie Jacobs, Midwife   Pregnancy & Birth Consultancy

“I sat on a yoga ball and delivered standing up going from 3cm to delivering in one hour! It was a wonderful experience. Thanks again for your lovely downloads, I’d recommend them to everybody!”

Lisa (Michigan, USA)

“I found the mp3s helpful – they certainly helped me sleep in those final few days and I managed labour with minimal pain relief. Thanks for all your help!”

Nicky xx (Northallerton, UK)

“When she came out I felt an amazing bond with her immediately, like I knew her so well already. I can safely say it was happiest moment of my life! She’s lovely and so far very calm, sleeping and eating lots!”

Gina (London, UK)


“Many thanks, just in time I’m being induced tomorrow – these are great!”

Alison (Surrey, UK)


“My baby seemed to move differently after I listened to your mp3s and when they next checked he’d turned round.”

Mel (London, UK)

“I used the downloads a handful of times, but had them playing during my labour – the midwives loved them too. They were so impressed with me, they all commented that they had no idea when I was having a contraction as I was in my own world, using your breathing with your downloads playing.”

Nikki  (Hampshire, UK)