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Birth Stories I am two weeks post delivery and finally getting to sending this email with feedback on the hypnobirthing mp3s and video downloads…First of all, let me say that I never once made it through an entire mp3 without falling asleep!  This worried me a bit that I wasn't "practicing" properly!  But I regularly slept the whole night with the mp3 playing in the background, and I do think they sank in.  This was my first child, and we had a water birth at home with a midwife.  The labor moved so quickly that I hardly had time to implement my "labor plans" and all I had learned from your hypnobirth course.  My husband turned the mp3s on in the birthing room just loud enough to be aware of, and I was able to stay focused almost solely on breathing.  Hard labor lasted only 3 hours and the final stage only 30 minutes.  A couple of hours after the birth my midwife told me I was her first client to use visualization mp3s and hypnobirthing techniques but she thought it worked great!  She said that at one point during labor she simply told me to "relax" and watched as my face and shoulders almost instantly lost tension.  My husband and I, and our midwife, have only good things to say about the process and I think the mp3s played a big part in my mental preparation.  Thank you for offering them in this format.  I live rurally and was 2 hours drive from the nearest birth educator, so this was a great option! Sincerely, Christy (Washington, USA) Our baby girl arrived last Thursday, born at home, as planned, very quickly.  The hypnobirthing downloads proved to be a fantastic tool during the labour process, helping me reach that birthing zone to just tune into my body and baby.  Throughout the whole process (except for the very very end when I thought I couldn't carry on anymore, and then she was born) I was very calm, using long, slow breathing and listening to the downloads the entire time. The midwives found them relaxing too! I particularly liked the Balloon and the Pain Relief and Pete loved the Partners track. It really did help and I believe that without them I would have had nothing to focus on except for the sensations of giving birth.  I wouldn't say the birth was pain free, although, the only discomfort I felt was really once the baby started to come down the birth canal and even then it wasn't really pain, more just a very weird sensation.  Your head says this isn't possible, but your body says 'come on we're having a baby!'. We didn't film it, or even take photos, it was just too fast.  My recovery has been so much faster than I expected and our baby is just the most gorgeous, calm, lovely little thing I've ever seen! What a great website, thanks for making our birth so much easier than we ever expected.                                        Miriam and Pete (London)     The hypnobirthing MP3s helped me to relax during  pregnancy,delivery and afterwards.  I particularly liked "Bonding with my Baby"and the "Recovery" downloads as they helped to do just that.  I still listen to them today.   For medical reasons I ended up having a c-section to deliver, but  I knew it was going to be the best C-Section ever,  and with the downloads, it was. I had an amazingly swift recovery that I really believe it is due to the relaxed and positive state I was in.  This also helped with breast feeding.  I highly recommend the hypnobirthing MP3s to everyone.  Thank you.   May & Leigh, London A friend suggested your MP3s as I couldn't afford hypnotherapy classes to prepare for my birth so I've been listening to your wonderful recordings right through my pregnancy. I just wanted to tell you that they have been amazing and I can't imagine getting through the birth without them.  I was 9 cm dilated when I got to the hospital and gave birth 2 and a half hours later.  I felt like I was really yelling, but the midwives said they couldn't believe how quiet I was, particularly at the end. My husband couldn't believe how calm and focused (and quick) it all was and our baby now loves the recordings too, they really soothe her.                                                                     Samantha Jenkins - Washington DC     WOW! Hard to believe the complete change in our attitude to birth since we started working with your hypnobirthing MP3s. We had been scared by all the negative information from friends and even the ante-natal classes but really managed to switch to a positive mindset and shut out the negatives. It's had such an impact, not just for birth - I feel on top of the world and really excited about experiencing labour. Now that I'm not scared or nervous I can really imagine letting my body take over, I'm sure it'll know what to do with the downloads to help me relax and let go.                                      Jono and Yasmin (nr Montreal, Canada) Your site was recommended by our midwife who knew I was anxious about the birth. I didn't think listening to hypnobirthing download would really work but it made a big difference, taking the edge off everything and I can even say I enjoyed the experience ... to my great surprise. They were worth every penny and I think I'll now use them whenever I feel stressed!            Penny (Birmingham, UK)  
“l wasn’t sure at first but I’m just so glad I stuck with it as I gave birth quickly, without drugs and there were no complications”   Helen O'Brien, Brighton
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Labor lasted only 3 hours and the final stage only 30 minutes.    Christy (Washington, USA)
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