hypnobirthing mp3 and hypnobirth downloads pregnant lady relaxing whilst listening to hypnobirthing mp3s download now for: 1. Reducing fear 2. Being calm 3. Reducing pain 4. Powerful visualisations 5. Being in control
MP3 Downloads included: 1. Visualise your hypnobirth 2. Fear Release 3. Pain Relief in labour
Eliminate Fear, Reduce Pain - MP3 package includes 3 audio download hypnobirthing sessions  
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1. Visualise your hypnobirth

Hypnobirthing MP3 audio download This wonderfully relaxing exercise can be used during your pregnancy (from 33 weeks onwards) and also during your birth and includes: * guided imagery for a natural and safe birth * building confidence in your body and your baby * relaxation to release endorphins (your body’s natural pain relief) * a deep sense of effective breathing in time with your contractions * connecting with your baby during the birth   There is no guarantee that childbirth will go exactly to plan, but this exercise can give you the best chance of a comfortable, natural and easier birth. Download ‘Visualise your perfect birth’ now, listen to it as frequently as possible and start looking forward to the day your baby enters your world.   Track Length: 19.46 minutes Language: English, female Music: Ananga Sivyer
100% peace of mind: Your 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Go ahead and try out this mp3 download now – there is NO RISK for you. If you find that this download does not do what you desired, simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund you in full.
2. Fear Release Hypnobirthing MP3 audio download Research has shown that fear can prolong birth and make it more difficult. It is vital that mothers relax as much as possible in order to make birth easier.  This recording has been especially created for women who are anxious about birth and those mothers whose previous experience of birth has been negative. It is a wonderful way of releasing any fears, anxieties and worries you may have about giving birth or being a parent. Allow yourself to be gently guided through a visualisation giving you the opportunity to eliminate all those thoughts and memories you just don’t need. Track Length: 12.08 minutes Language: English, female Music: Phil Curran, Mews Productions
3. Pain Relief in Labour Hypnobirthing MP3 audio download
Our best selling pain management hypnobirthing MP3 download which has embedded techniques which trigger your body's natural pain relief in labour. It is the ideal tool for natural birth, homebirth, waterbirth including those using lamaze or hypnobirthing.   Pain is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of giving birth. Hypnosis has scientifically been proven to be a major aid in making birth easier. Hypnosis is easy and relaxing. This wonderful hypnobirthing MP3 download enables you to relax and prepare mentally, physically and psychologically for your birth and is the ideal tool for homebirth, waterbirth and natural birth including those using lamaze or hypnobirthing. This beautiful download has embedded techniques which trigger your body’s natural pain relief to manage your labour pains. Benefits of this self hypnosis download: - It has embedded techniques which trigger your body’s natural pain relief. - Helps you to relax during contractions and birth which reduces the pain - Relaxation allows your uterine muscles to work at its best - Self hypnosis and relaxation can help with keeping your blood pressure low - Your baby benefits from you being calm - If you choose to use medical pain relief this recording will enhance their effect, meaning that you will only need a minimum amount.
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Today only £  15.98 (appr. $ 23.99)
Hi Kristin, Well, I had my baby yesterday! And I have to say that your audios did help, I stayed at home until I was 8cm dilated listening to the audios, and went on to have a very fast natural birth once I arrived at hospital. I will definitely be recommending you to others. I'm really glad I gave it a go, thank you for your ongoing contact and help, I think it does make a big difference. Melissa Turner The downloads were absolutely brilliant and completely transformed both the lead up to the birth and the birth itself. Thanks for this very useful preparation for our birth.  James & Rachel, London   Downloads were definitely great in run up to the labour and my baby arrived in 5.5hrs - it was all so quick and easy!  Sally Ann, Bristol, UK   Thank you, thank you - mp3s were fab, I loved being so relaxed (pregnant and in labour) and am still using your visualisations now. My midwives were so impressed with how calm my birth was!  Dominique, UK/France   I heard  about hypnosis and visualisation but didn't believe I could do it (visualise or have an easy birth!). The great thing was that I didn't need to  do  anything other than just listen to the download - the effect was amazing and I really could switch off and relax which I then did again during labour .... result = NO drugs and minimal pain.  Serena, Brighton, UK
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Labor lasted only 3 hours and the final stage only 30 minutes.    Christy (Washington, USA)
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