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MP3 Downloads included: 1. Recharge your Batteries 2. Quicker Recovery 3. Confident Parenting
Recovery & Energy - MP3 package includes 3 audio download hypnobirthing sessions  
download now to: 1. turn your baby 2. release fear  3. relax your muscles         allowing baby to turn 4. trust your body Recommended by midwives recharge your batteries  powerful hypnosis MP3 downloadswww.hypnobirthingdownloads.com confident parenting  powerful hypnosis MP3 downloadswww.hypnobirthingdownloads.com quicker  recovery  powerful hypnosis MP3 downloadswww.hypnobirthingdownloads.com  powerful hypnosis MP3 downloadswww.hypnobirthingdownloads.com MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 30 DAY
100% peace of mind: Your 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Go ahead and try out this mp3 download now – there is NO RISK for you. If you find that this download does not do what you desired, simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund you in full.
1. Recharge your Batteries MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session
This wonderful visualisation is for EVERYONE who would like to feel better, calmer, more positive and amazingly confident in every way. It has been recorded without any specific reference to pregnancy or birth and therefore suitable for everybody.   Listening to this download will increase your confidence for pregnancy and birth but also in many other areas of life, both at work and at home. It can be played whenever you relax, especially when you go to sleep at night. The more you listen, the deeper and more quickly you will achieve a deep relaxation where positive suggestions will be easily accepted, allowing you to feel better from deep within. You will notice changes, both obvious and subtle, in your attitude, in how you interact with others, in how you deal with situations and in your health.   Track Length: 25.48 minutes Language: English, female Music: Ananya Sivyer
This mp3 download has been specifically created to speed up recovery after labour. The positive suggestions will help you to feel calm and relaxed and this will, in turn, allow your body to recover much more quickly. Visualisation is powerful and the benefits for healing and improving physical condition are widely recognised. When your subconscious mind hears positive suggestions it can trigger physical changes and improvements in your body. Think of a lemon and you'll probably start to salivate! You can use the power of this download and your mind to 'instruct' your body to recover fully and quickly. Listen to Quicker Recover regularly after your birth to feel energised and in tune with your baby, able to enjoy quality time together. You may well be surprised just how quickly you're up and about, fully able to make the most of life. Give yourself the advantage - download Quicker Recovery NOW! Track Length: ............... Language: English, female Music: Phil Curran - Mews Productions
2. Quicker Recovery MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session
3. Confident Parenting MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session Build your confidence as a parent ... Length of MP3 track: 20 minutes   Simple stress release and confidence boosting for both parents. Improve sleep Increase energy Build confidence in your parenting abilities. Enjoy each new day with your baby. Trust your parenting instincts Feel confident that you are the best parent for your baby  Download 'Confident Parenting' now and enjoy life as a family       Track Length: 20.15 minutes Language: English, female Music: Ananga Sivyer
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“So useful when I’m tired or feeling a bit low. Love that feeling of energising myself! Gloria, London, UK
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Labor lasted only 3 hours and the final stage only 30 minutes.    Christy (Washington, USA)
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